The Return of Mrs. Knisley


BMU welcomed Emilie Knisley back as the principal on December 1st. Mrs. Knisley started teaching Language Arts at BMU in 2005, later becoming Blue Mountain’s Pre K-12 principal. She then served as BMU’s superintendent, later becoming OESU’s superintendent as a result of the Act 46 merger. She stayed in this role for 4 years, but decided that she missed being in a school setting.  Once she decided to give up her position in OESU, John Barone transitioned from BMU‘s 7-12 principal to OESU’s assistant superintendent, and Randy Gawel moved from assistant superintendent to OESU’s  superintendent. These changes allowed Knisley to return as BMU;s 7-12 principal after spending a 6-month vacation with her two sons.  During her vacation, Bruce Labs filled in as the 7-12 principal.