Humans in Buck Territory: Kim Goody


Bianca May, BNN Reporter

For the last ten years, Kim Goody has been an instructional coach at the Newbury Elementary School.  Ms. Goody co-taught with many teachers and covered classes if someone was absent. Now she travels throughout the district, observing classes in seven different schools and giving feedback to teachers.  You can always see her here at BMU on Wednesdays, and she told this reporter, “I always look forward to Wednesdays.”

So far, Ms. Goody’s favorite thing about BMU is becoming better acquainted with the students and teachers.  She explained, “My husband, John, works here and my kids have gone here, so I know BMU. But to really personalize it and get to know the students is just great.”  She loves to “see them learning and having a good time.”

Prior to working in this district position, Ms. Goody worked at Newbury Elementary School for 23 years. Ms. Goody said, “Because I have the most experience with middle school, I kind of like the 5th grade range. I spent a lot of time teaching 5th grade and I feel like those students are still very open to learning.”`