Trails of BMU

Kody Smith, BNN Staff

Greg Western, the executive director of CVTA ( Cross Vermont Trail Association ) remodeled the trails behind BMU.  CVTA’s purpose is to “assist municipalities, recreation groups, and landowners in the creation and management of a four-season, multi-use trail across the state of Vermont for public recreation, alternative transportation, and awareness of our natural and cultural heritage.”  He widened and leveled the trail, then covered 1,040 feet of trail with gravel, which will alleviate mud problems.

Brand new boardwalks and culverts were installed, with a total of 84 feet of boardwalk for crossing wetland and soft ground and nine culverts for streams and water runways to keep the trail in the best shape. Furthermore, there is a total of 170 feet of ditching to keep the trail from washing out underneath.

Western states, “I dream of doing a little more work to make the initial drop off from the parking lot at least somewhat more gradual, and surfacing that part with gravel. I don’t know when the time would come for that, but it’s something I think is possible to do.”

The winding of the trail is sure to please all in the community looking for a place to walk, snowshoe, ski, and enjoy nature.