#1 Hip Hop Song in America


Andrew Locke

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Artists: Post Malone & The Weeknd

Song Title: One Right Now

Release Date: November 5th, 2021

The current #1 hip hop song topping the charts is “One Right Now” by Post Malone and The Weeknd.  As a music critic, I tend to focus on the instruments, especially the bass.  The song starts off with a sharp laser type beat along with The Weeknds’ vocalizations.  40 seconds into the song, Post Malone’s voice blends with The Weeknd’s  slow melody, both merging with the music track. The vocalists use the term “One Right Now” to  explain feelings towards girlfriend situation. In the song, Post Malone makes clear “You say you love me, but I don’t care,” referring to an ex-girlfriend who betrayed his trust, leading them to split apart.   The song ends the same way it began, with just vocals blending with the instrumentals.  In my opinion, the song deserves four stars, with a very catchy rhythm and flow.