The Stressful Life of a Senior


Andrew Locke

Being a senior is very stressful. In September, when I first came into school, being a senior seemed very fun. We had only one last step towards freedom. Being a senior came with our class having their own senior lounge and senior privileges. If we have all of our work done (and also during study halls), we may leave the school. Some people leave campus to get lunch, get snacks at P&H, go home for some rest, or, like I do, go to Dunkin’ to get a large caramel iced coffee.  Life was great.

However, that changed. Realizing that our time at BMU is coming to an end becomes serious when we see all our friends start to stress over college applications.  In Senior Seminar we began by working on financial forms like budgeting and investing, information that will be very useful for when we all graduate and go on with our lives. But currently in Senior Seminar, we have to create a Transferable Skills presentation that is necessary in order to graduate.

The days are counting down and the stress gets higher and higher.  Only 109 school days until graduation . . . but who is counting?