Coach Cook Looks Ahead to the New Basketball Season


Tanner Winchester , BNN Reporter

Boys’ Varsity Basketball coach Chris Cook spoke with BNN about the upcoming season. Coach Cook reported that 27 players are trying out for the varsity and JV teams. He thinks that “more kids are playing because of the success of the last season.”  He also feels that “high school kids need the sense of normalcy.” Cook predicts that the team will work well together.  He said, “We’ve been together for three or four years now. We are adding a few new younger kids that will take a little bit of time to grow together.”  When asked about who would be a rising star this season, Cook responded,  “A rising star . . .  I think honestly any one of our guys can be this on a nightly basis.”

Since the pandemic began, Covid-19 has greatly impacted the basketball program. Cook said, “Covid can strike at any time, so not knowing on a daily basis is a real problem.”    He doesn’t think Covid will affect the team as long as the members work hard.  Because the team is used to wearing masks that should not be a factor.

I asked Coach Cook what his biggest challenges were about being a coach. He answered, “The biggest thing was losing Tyler Curtis.  All other things are minuscule when you lose a player.  I coach basketball because it’s a true passion of mine. I enjoy watching young men and women grow into confident adults and love watching all you guys grow. That makes me want to come back and do this every winter.”  

For now,  Coach Cook is ready to have fans back to help the team make another playoff run.