BMU Coffee Bar


(BNN Photo/J. Lakin)

BMU Teacher Kristen Robinson plans for a student-run coffee bar.

Jared Lakin and Oliver Despins

A potential coffee bar is coming soon to Blue Mountain.  While this endeavor is not yet fully approved, BMU teacher Kristen Robinson hopes to provide coffee, tea, and hot cocoa for BMU staff and high school students.  According to Robinson, “The main idea is that we are going to offer, to start, multiple phases.” Robinson is hoping that Phase One will start in March. She is looking for Phase Two to add more items to the menu. “For the staff there will be delivery available; hopefully, for students it will be open for certain amounts of time,” Robinson explains. When asked about this possibility, senior James Kidder II said, “A lot of people would benefit not having to go elsewhere to get their coffee.” To discern interest, the Independent Living class has sent a survey to staff about what type of coffee and/or tea they like.