BMU Emergency Procedures


Tanner Winchester, BNN Reporter

At BMU, safety drills are done every month.  January’s drill was a fire drill.   Mr. Blood is in charge of the drills.  He explained how fire drills have changed due to Covid.  He said, “We are required by the agency of education to host egress through out the school year this year.  Last year the state gave us a modified plan to follow which was based on COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines which is that the actually fire drills didn’t have to be done, students could do lessons in class and talk through the fire drill and what they could consist of.  At the beginning of the school year I talked with Dr. Barone  we made a decision that based on the fact that we are outside and masked during the drill that we felt confident that it would be in our best interest to continue to have fire drills.   So we have proceeded to have them twice every other month  . . . that’s been our plan for this school year.” These drills we have are to get us prepared in case we had an actual fire.

Other drills practiced at BMU are Clear the Halls, Lockout the Building, Secure the Building, Evacuate the Building, Move into ALICE.  This year we will be practicing all of these emergency procedures.