Disney’s Encanto Movie Review


Haley Wyman, Arts & Culture editor

Title: Encanto 

Release date: November 24th, 2021


Stephanie Beatriz (as Miribel)

María Cecilia Botero (as Abuela)

Diane Guerrero (as Isabela)

Rhenzy Feliz (as Camilo) 

Jessica Darrow (as Luisa) 

Adassa (as Dolores)

John leguizamo (as Bruno)

Angie Cepeda (as Julieta)

Wilmer Valderrama (as Agustín)

Carolina Gaitán (as Pepa)

Mauro Castillo (as félix)

Ravi Cabot-Conyers (as Antonio) 


Synopsis: The Madrigal family must figure out how to save the miracle that was given to their family and village. 

Disney’s newest release “Encanto” is a powerful movie, with a great message to both children and adults, amazing attention to detail, and super catchy music. 

The movie starts out with the family Madrigals’ backstory. A whole town is being chased into the forest by murderers, and sadly Abuela’s husband is murdered, but his death is what causes the miracle to appear. The miracle is in the form of a candle, as well as large mountains created in order to protect the town. When the Madrigal children reach a specific age, the candle gives them a unique gift and power. Unfortunately one child, Miribel, doesn’t receive a gift, and is treated like an obstacle by her Abuela. One day the candle that holds the miracle starts to go out and the house begins to crack. Miribel tries to figure out what is wrong with the magic and finds her uncle Bruno’s fortune about her (but we don’t talk about Bruno). 

Throughout the whole movie there are many catchy songs that will, without a doubt, be stuck in your head for days after. For example, Miribel’s sister Luisa sings about how she holds so much of the family’s weight on her shoulders, and wishes that she could catch a break. Her other sister Isabela has a song that expresses the desire that she not have to be “perfect” all the time for the family. The song people seem to like the most is “We Don’t Talk about Bruno,” which explains why the family doesn’t speak about Bruno. While Dolores is singing her part, you can actually see Bruno dancing in the dark background, and no one knows he’s even there.

Another  detail Disney adds is when Isabella was having lunch with her family, and they were talking about her wedding. Instead of blushing flowers popping out of her hair, her Abula picks the one white flower, so all the flowers left are pink and “perfect,” because Isabella is supposed to be “perfect” all the time. “Encanto” is amazing, but there is one detail that feels a little off. Since they all live in a village hidden by mountains, it’s extremely difficult for characters to leave the village, and no one does, so the movie has the same setting the entire  time. It almost feels as if the movie doesn’t go anywhere when the characters don’t go anywhere, which makes the movie seem like it’s not long enough. 

Besides the movie having the same setting, the animation and details are amazing. There are excellent lessons throughout the entire movie that are not meant only for children. I rate “Encanto” a 4 out of 5 stars . Enjoy the movie and don’t forget to keep your eyes out for Disney Easter eggs!