Senior Spotlight: Haley Wyman


Lilly Hand, BNN Reporter

Haley Wyman came to Blue Mountain when she was in the 8th grade. Before BMU, Haley attended the Waits River Valley School. In her freshman year, Haley joined the Forensics team.  This experience challenged her to push herself out of her comfort zone, while still being fun. In her senior year, Haley won first place in the Poetry category at four tournaments, and she achieved third place at the State Championship. Haley would like to be remembered as someone who wears cool outfits, for her creativity, and for being able to get along with pretty much everyone. Her future plans focus on becoming a professional photographer and making it through life without accidentally committing tax fraud.

Her advice for the younger students in BMU is: “Don’t worry about the future, because when you actually get there, you’ll be ready.”