BUCKS TAKE THE VICTORY!!! A View from the Cheap Seats


Kody Smith, BNN Reporter

On Sunday, March 13th the Blue Mountain Bucks took on the White River Wildcats at the Barre Aud, and the BMU bleachers were loaded with fans.

The Bucks started with an epic run out to the floor as the crowd roared loud enough to shake the bleachers. White River ran out, with the crowd equally as loud. The pressure was on as this game was equally matched. The lead was tossed back and forth throughout the game.  The excitement and pressure level raised as the game got closer to ending.

FINAL SECONDS OF THE FINAL QUARTER:  The crowd is on their feet as we break into the final seconds of the game. Fans are screaming and getting nervous, because the win could be in anyone’s favor. With 30 second left on the clock, the score sits at 20 for Blue Mountain and 23 for White River. Blue Mountain passes the ball around till John Dennis gets it at the 3 and pulls up for a swish to tie the game, 23-23. White River brings the ball up the floor with 20 seconds on the clock. A pass breaks into the paint to Braiden Russ for a 2, making the score 23-25. Blue Mountain brings the ball up the court with 8 seconds left.  Evan Dennis passes the ball to John Dennis. Jacob Dube gets open and gets a pass from John with 3 seconds on the clock. The crowd momentarily hushes as Jacob pulls up with a 25-foot jumper . . . Swish, the crowd erupts in joy as Blue Mountain takes the D4 State Championship trophy for the first time in 20 years.