Senior Spotlight: Aleah Nelson


Haley Wyman, Arts & Culture editor

Aleah Nelson is a BMU senior this year. She has been a student at BMU since pre-school and grew up in Ryegate.  Aleah started participating in school activities right away, starting with baton twirling in first grade, which advanced to flag twirling in middle school. She also played t-ball in pre-school and started playing softball in second grade. She still plays softball to this day. In her eighth-grade year, she joined chorus, and has participated in it ever since. Aleah hopes to be remembered as, not a shy person, but as someone who, over the years, had become more open, kind, and caring. After graduation, she plans on going to college. She also plans to use this summer as an opportunity to be filled with excitement and make memories by going to concerts and other fun events. 

Aleah says, “My freshman year I was in the broadcast journalism class, which I had done nothing related to before, and that class really boosted my confidence and made me feel out of my comfort zone, but I loved it.” Along with that her advice for younger students is to “seize the opportunities you have to try new things, either at BMU or not.”