Maple Sugaring

Maple Sugaring

Lucas Welch, Reporter

Maple sugaring  season has finally arrived.

Larry Welch and his son Lucas, along with their neighbor Wally Bragg, set all of their taps last weekend, totaling about 240 buckets. Their sugaring operation is in South Ryegate, Vermont.  They normally make 60 to 70 gallons of syrup a year. The Welch family has been sugaring for many generations.

BNN sat down with Larry and asked him what some of the challenges have been this year. Larry said that the sap has not been running the best because the temperatures are not getting cold at night. It has to go below freezing at night, and above freezing during the day in order to get a good run.  Larry continued to speak of problems that can be challenging.  He said, “Just the other day, the tractor that gathers all the sap broke down and that was a big set back.”

Lucas told us that he really loves spending time with family in the sugar house and learning new things.  Lucas said, ” I can remember the late nights in our old sugar house that used to be my grandfather’s. My dad and my brother would cram in there until 1 am, just making memories.”

There will be two Vermont Maple Open House weekends this year: March 19-20 & 26-27.