Senior Spotlight: Cooper Ingerson


Mathew White, BNN Reporter

Senior Cooper Ingerson has been a student at BMU since 5th grade.  Previous to that, he attended Woodsville Elementary as well as Haverhill Middle School. He has been a three-sport athlete all throughout high school, participating in soccer, basketball, and baseball. Cooper was a part of the Global Explorers expedition to Europe. He has taken several dual-enrollment college courses, as well as the chorus for 3 years. He will be attending college in the fall of 2022 and studying to be a doctor of physical therapy. Cooper would like to open his own physical therapy practice eventually.
His advice to others is to always finish. He explains, “If you start something you finish it, because nothing comes from quitting other than knowing you didn’t see it through.”  Cooper would like to be remembered as a good teammate, as well as a good leader. He would also like to be remembered as being part of the team that won the D4  Varsity Boys’ Basketball state championship.