Senior Spotlight: Hollis Munson


Tanner Winchester , BNN Reporter

Hollis Munson is a BMU senior, but he decided to go to Vermont Technical College to study avionics instead of attending his last year in high school.  This year, Hollis achieved his private pilot’s license, as well as an instrument rating. Hollis has attended BMU since kindergarten and often stayed after school because his father is a teacher and Technology Coordinator at BMU. During that time, he worked on projects for the Robotics Club, in which he was an instrumental member.  Hollis played basketball till his sophomore year and baseball and soccer till junior year. Hollis was also part of the school band.

Hollis advises younger students to “go out and explore the world and form your own opinions, and don’t take things too seriously; you are just in high school  — you have time.”  He said he wanted to be remembered as someone who took advantage of the opportunities in front of him and made some people laugh along the way.