BNN Alumnus Logan Locke: Aspiring Young Broadcaster


Andrew Locke, BNN Reporter

Logan Locke, a former Blue Mountain student, was a big part of the Bucks News Network staff. Logan is currently finishing his first year at Lyndon State College in order to follow his dream of becoming a news broadcaster.

Logan took a gap year after graduating with the Class of 2020.  When asked what skills carried over from BNN into college, he answered, “I learned a lot. The editing and filming of interviews carried over into college, since that has been most of my projects so far.  I use skills such as rule of thirds and framing a subject for interviews.”  His time in Broadcast Journalism class “had a direct carry over to college; the editing is similar except [Lyndon uses] Adobe Premiere instead of Final Cut Pro.”

Despite Logan being very nervous to go to college with people he didn’t know, he said it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.