After 29 Years, Julie Gandin Shifts Gears

After 29 Years, Julie Gandin Shifts Gears

Mathew White, BNN Reporter

Every morning at BMU, Mrs. Julie Gandin can be seen greeting students and parents at the front door. However, Mrs. Gandin has recently announced that she will be retiring from BMU.   Mrs. Gandin has been a part of the BMU community for 29 years. When she first came to work for BMU, she was a Family Consumer Science teacher until 2005. Then she became the elementary school counselor.

Mrs. Gandin really enjoyed working with all the different children. She stated, “I never feel like I’m going to work. I just feel as I’m going to school and it is because of the kids, because I enjoy all the everyday interactions.”

She believes that the hardest time that she had to go through was during the COVID epidemic, and she believes that it was hard on pretty much everyone. She said that “between COVID and with other student personal problems that they are dealing with,” times have been tough for students.   She followed up with, “I’d say my biggest challenges [of my job] would be because of kids and their problems that I feel like I can’t help with.”

After retirement, Mrs. Gandin hopes to have more time to travel and to spend time with all of her children and grandchildren.  She has recently been hired to be a half time counselor here at BMU.

Mrs. Gandin’s advice to the new guidance counselor is to find a way to leave the problems at school, because you can’t resolve them outside of school.