Senior Spotlight: Alexandra Wilson


Lilly Hand, BNN Reporter

Alexandra Wilson is a senior who began attending Blue Mountain when she was in  kindergarten. During her time in BMU, she participated in a year of Forensics Club with teachers Janet Gay and Nancy Kane.  She attended (and graduated from) the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Program at Riverbend Career and Technical Center.   During her time at BMU, Alex achieved honor roll and high honors.  She applied to 22 different colleges, and so far she has been accepted into 19. She has made the decision to attend Lasell University in Newton, Massachusetts.

Alex’s advice for the younger students at BMU is, “If someone tells you that you can’t achieve something or apply for something do it anyway. You don’t know until you try. Don’t let other people set your boundaries. Be kind to yourself and respect everyone. Remember to always have your own back because one day you might not have anybody to help you with that and that’s okay too.”  Alex would like to be remembered as the girl who didn’t back down. As the kid who was resilient and stood up for what she believed in. As the short spunky strawberry blonde haired who loved to get lost in a book and escape from reality.