Math and Motorcycles


Lilly Hand, BNN Reporter

Not only is Mr. Forrest Matthews a math teacher at BMU, but he also rides a motorcycle for fun and, on most nice days, he rides all the way to work.

Mr. Matthews started riding his motorcycle in 2010 when he was in college; he bought a 1970 Honda ct90 and rode it all over the place. Since then he has acquired a 1975 cb200 and a 2015 cb300. He enjoys riding old bikes almost as much as he enjoys working on them.

There are many reasons that Mr. Matthews likes riding motorcycles.  First, it clears his head. He also says that it is the closest he can get to being able to fly. He takes his bike to work or runs errands if he doesn’t need to carry a lot of things.

Mr. Matthews also goes on joy rides and longer trips. For example, he went to Connecticut for a few days to visit his family. While he was on his motorcycle, he saw a lot of cool things, including a moose while he was riding to Massachusetts.  On another trip, he encountered a huge thunderstorm in upstate New York.  His favorite motorcycle experience was when he was riding through New Hampshire along the Connecticut River because “it was one of those days when everything was going right: the temperature was perfect, the bike was running well, and there was no traffic on the roads.”