BMU Robots Kick it in Gear


Mathew White and Cooper Ingerson

BMU Robotics Club held a tournament on Friday 5/6/22 in the BMU library. During the contest, two teams went head to head in a match in which they had two minutes to put as many balls on the other team’s side as possible. Students had to move soccer balls and footballs across the arena with their robots. The arena had one side for each team. Each team had to stay on their respective side and were not allowed to sabotage the other side in any form. Moving a soccer ball across was worth one point, if the soccer ball was put into the tower it was worth three points, and moving footballs was worth three points, no matter what. The games were double elimination, so a team had to lose twice to be knocked out.

John Munson is the Robotics teacher behind the tournament. When asked what he was looking for in regard to the students’ performance, Mr. Munson said, “Engagement. Totally engaged, friendly competition. I like to see them learn to problem solve, collaboration, leaning on each other, figure things out and solve problems.  Should be a good tournament.”  Competitor Will Dickey reported,  “The tournament went pretty smooth.”

Kody Smith scored the most points and won the tournament.  He said, “The games went pretty good. I was better than everybody else, so that was a good start. I’d say Quinn [Vaillancourt] and Will put up a really good fight, so props to them.” He then confidently added, “It’s a struggle to be the Greatest.”