Volleyball at Blue Mountain


Tanner Winchester, BNN Reporter

Casey Robibero, Blue Mountain physical education teacher, has started a new Volleyball Club at BMU this spring. Ms. Robibero has always enjoyed the game of volleyball.  It has been her favorite sport ever since she was in 5th grade. She played on her high school freshmen team, then on JV during 10th and 11th grade.  During her senior year, she got serious and played on Varsity, winning an award called “Thunderbird Pride and Spirit” for being a good teammate.  In college intramurals, she played right side hitter, and her team won the championship.

Ms. Robibero has gained a lot of knowledge and skill from playing volleyball. She started the club here because she wants to share her passion for the game. The club began meeting about a month ago; practices take place after school two days a week. Right now, at least ten students regularly attend.

Ms. Robibero says that all the students in the club would like to have a team next year. They work really hard and enjoy playing and have improved a lot. Ms. Robibero is excited to see where the Volleyball Club is so far, and she is excited to see where the club will go in the future.