Steaming Bucks Coffee


Bianca May, BNN Reporter

Back during the fall semester, Mrs. Kristin Robinson proposed that she and her students create a café  within the school, with the agreement of other staff members and Dr. Barone.  Mrs. Robinson says that the idea was inspired by “the need to provide learning that is not completely traditional, going through the process for building a business, and a long term way to give students a workplace learning experience.” 

This spring, Mrs. Robinson and her crew started Steaming Bucks Coffee. They’ve served both hot and cold coffee and tea, along with a variety of homemade pastries such as muffins, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. The café  has sold roughly 300 hot beverages, and now that they’ve recently adding iced coffee, they’ve sold 150 cold beverages, with a significant increase in orders each day.

The most challenging issue the adults are facing is helping students to comprehend and accept the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into getting a business up and functioning. This includes all of the tiny things, such as keeping the students heavily involved throughout the start-up phase when business was slow. The most challenging aspect for the students is not being able to make their wares with chocolate (due to staff allergies), being organized, and having fellow classmates show up on time.

Mrs. Robinson says that the best thing about the café  is “being able to provide a good product to staff and, soon, students, in an area where good coffee is not available.” While her students enjoy baking, brewing the coffee, socializing, and receiving free coffee. they have also gained important skills.  They have all learned to make coffee and count money.  Some students report that they have learned how to “pay attention” and “be a boss.”

There isn’t an exact date, but hopefully the café  will be open to students sometime in the middle of September.