Summer Learning Fun!


Lilly Hand, BNN Reporter

Mrs. Amy Emerson is in charge of “Bucks Summer Learning Adventure,” a summer program at BMU that aims to practice and reinforce skills that students learned during the school year.  She hopes that the summer “adventurers’ will also have some fun!

This is the first year since Covid happened that BMU is providing a summer program for our students.  Three different experiences will be happening this summer.

Bucks Summer Learning Adventures is a program for students exiting Kindergarten – 6th grade.  There will be a healthy mixture of fun and academics, including skills practice for literacy and math, an art class taught by Mrs. Dube, and plenty of outdoor time.The middle and high school math program will allow students to recover math credits or practice skills.

Driver’s Education will also be available.  Enrollment will be determined by the date students receive their permit.  If people have questions about this, they can email Mrs. Emerson ([email protected]) or Ms. Jodi Hart ([email protected]) to find out more.

Summer school goes from July 11th through July 29th.  The hours of the summer program are 8-11 am.  The school will be providing snacks.

Mrs. Emerson says, “I am looking forward to seeing students excited about coming to school!”