BMU Baseball and Softball Fields get a Makeover


Photo/ T. Powers

Two large dump trucks spill out new material on the BMU Baseball field.

Ricky Fennimore, Sports Editor

This year BMU’s baseball and softball fields are getting additional dirt for the 2022-2023 season. Blue Mountain Athletic Director Todd Powers explained that this is special infield material with the correct percentage of sand, silt, and clay mix so it is not too hard or too soft. This mixture is also important for having the right ¨pack¨ while also being able to drain out water. BMU Senior, Evan Dennis, shares his excitement saying, ¨The field was already amazing and this new material is only gonna’ make it even better to play on.¨ The man doing all this amazing work, Mike Josselyn, shared some words with us saying, ¨The fields like this, you can tell the time has been put into it and it makes the work easier for me.¨ Mike has fixed some spots on the baseball field that were  6-8 inches below grade. He has also widened the base paths trying to get rid of the lips on the grass, making for a superior playing experience. BMU Baseball Assistant Coach, Brandon Flood, stated how grateful he is for this work being done, stating, ¨This is yet another example of Todd Powers going above and beyond to continue to make sure the athletes of BMU have the chance to be a part of high quality athletic programs.¨