Girls Varsity Soccer Gearing up for Playoffs


Ricky Fennimore, Sports Editor

The Lady Bucks are currently sitting at number two in the division four girls’ soccer rankings with a record of 10-3. Senior Captain, Gabby Houghton shared her thoughts as her team prepares for the postseason. “I think we have a good chance if we just keep doing what we’re doing.” There have been a lot of factors leading to their success so far, but Houghton highlighted what she feels are the most important elements. “We got a lot better at passing, and also keeping the energy up for the entire game,” Houghton stated. “I also think our assistant coach, Michelle (Colby) has helped us with the small skills we needed to work on.” The Blue Mountain girls also have a very well-balanced team when it comes to age and experience. “I think we have a pretty experienced team, the freshman learned really quick how to work with the upperclassmen.” Houghton also shared her mixed emotions going into her final postseason. “I’m excited and kind of sad with it being my senior year, but mostly excited.” The team currently leading the D4 pack is The Leland & Gray Rebels, with a record of 12-0-1, the one tie being against The White River Valley Wildcats. The girls have one more regular season game where they will travel to play the 7th seeded, Division 2, Missisquoi Valley Thunderbirds on October, 21st.