BMU Junior Ronin Moulton is Looking Forward to the Playoffs

Derek VanNamee

Junior Ronin Moulton talks about how the soccer season is going and how they’re entering the playoffs. Moulton states, ¨So far, the season hasn’t been the worst BMU has ever seen, but hasn’t been the best.¨ Their current ranking is 15th out of 16th in the VPA division four tournament. Moulton says that the team has won two games this year, but they still have hope, saying ¨The beginning of the season was rough because of the frustrations between the teammates and coaches.¨ Moulton has a good feeling about the first playoff game.

There are boundaries Moulton feels that the team lacks, including discipline and just wanting to ¨goof off.” Ronin says they have decided, ¨If that’s how they feel, then that’s how they play.” Moulton feels that if they had more players it could be different. ¨More players would mean more subs which most players on the team don’t have.¨  Moulton describes his team in one word: effort.  He can see that his team, despite everything, is still putting forth effort.

This year’s team loses four players to graduation but has some athletic underclassmen to fill those roles.