What’s Brewing at BMU?


(BNN Photo/O.Murray

This sign can be seen in the end of the middle school hall welcoming patrons into the coffee shop.

Owen Murray, News Editor

Something is heating up in the hallways at BMU; Steaming Bucks Coffee is the new teacher-coordinated, student-run coffee epicenter inside BMU. Their menu includes hot coffee, iced coffee, hot chocolate (only in small) and iced or hot tea. There is a new rotating weekly flavor, with this week’s being pumpkin spice. This will be a new fun change to the much more traditional taste of the coffee Steaming Bucks Coffee has been offering. Teachers have access to the coffee as well as a choice of several baked goods, although there has been some controversy over why students cannot buy baked goods. Unfortunately, due to the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 passed by Congress,  the Steaming Bucks’ baked goods do not meet the criteria for ingredients and measurements according to the federal food guidelines. This means for students to buy baked goods at school, the Apps Room would need to change the recipes for their baked goods to comply with the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

Ms. Robinson described how tough changing the recipe and following the guidelines would be for the program, along with coordination with the kitchen. But Ms. Robinson is optimistic for the near future regarding the baked goods. Inside of the Act it also states that the school day is considered 12 am to the last bell of the day, so there could potentially be an opportunity to buy these baked goods at an after school event. Until then students will have to settle for their favorite caffeinated beverage, and that’s what’s brewing at BMU.