Food That’s Off The Rails

Owen Murray, News Editor

The Iron Rail has become a local staple of the Woodsville community. Steven Schaefer is the new manager at the Iron Rail, he emphasizes the importance of keeping his sources local. He states that they use Upper Valley Produce and get their turkey tips from Orwell, VT; they even make their own potato chips. In addition to keeping menu items local, they have created a more inclusive environment for those with dietary restrictions, offering gluten-free and vegan options. Included on the menu are the specials, which start Thursday and end Saturday.  Prime rib is offered every weekend accompanied by a changing roster of specials. The soups at the Iron Rail are all homemade, with onion soup on the menu everyday. Schaefer likes to describes the menu as having the staples everyone loves with an experimental side. At the Iron Rail every Thursday night, there is a local musician or a local band. The first musician was BMU’s very own Matt Webster. Schaefer is very excited for upcoming live musicians every Thursday until the summer months. Schaefer also mentions special events that are currently being planned and how he is looking forward to some holiday celebrations, as well as a spring-themed street dance.