Bucks Care For Babies


Brody Kingsbury, BNN Staff

High school Health teacher Kim French teaches students about the reproductive system and teen pregnancies as part of the health curriculum. Part of the curriculum includes using RealCare Baby Infant Simulators, which are life-like dolls that help students understand the responsibilities involved in taking care of a baby.  Students have to bring their RealCare Baby to class and take it home overnight, and students have to scan the baby in order figure out if the baby needs to be fed, changed, burped or soothed.

Students– like all new parents — learn that caregivers don’t get much sleep when there’s a baby around.  They also learn that they can’t hang out with their friends, and they can’t do whatever they want to do in their free time because the baby’s needs come first. 

Students also learn that they have to have their full attention on the baby at all times because, even in situations that seem safe, there are many dangers that can occur. BMU Sophomore Will Emerson states it was a great learning experience. Likewise, Junior Matt Webster said that it is important because kids don’t think about the consequences that come with a new born baby. Webster also stated that the experience was very beneficial.