Bridge Building Blunders


(BNN Photo/K. Hillesland)

Bridge constructed by Ian Fraser and Cameran Lavertu. January 4th, 2023

Ian T. Fraser, Staff

High school Juniors Ian Fraser and Cameran Lavertu construct a model bridge on January 3rd in their Computer Graphics class. The challenge was to create a bridge made from four pieces of paper, four paper clips, and four feet of tape that could hold weight from wooden blocks. The bridge had to be a suspension bridge that would span over eight inches. This would be propped up on two tissue boxes which were roughly three inches high. The rules required that participants only use the materials given and it could not touch the table. The record to beat was set by a 5th grader which was 168 wooden blocks. Ian and Cameran built a bridge that was able to follow the rules but only hold 158 wooden blocks. They used cardboard trusses in their design. Ian and Cameran believe that they could have beaten the record if their bridge were better positioned on the platform.