Senior Spotlight: Ricky Fennimore


(Photo courtesy of Karen Cowles Photography)

Brody Kingsbury , BNN Staff

Ricky Fennimore, a senior at Blue Mountain, has attended BMU since 8th grade. Ricky has had a great time at BMU, making lots of friends and having a lot of great experiences. Ricky has attended Riverbend for 2 years, participating in the Heavy Equipment program. He played soccer during his Freshman and Sophomore years, and has played basketball and baseball for his entire high school career. Ricky’s advice for younger students is “Live in the moment because it goes by really really fast.” He wants to be remembered as “The person that anyone could rely on to do anything for.” Ricky says what he wants to do after high school is still to be decided, but he’s thinking of going into a trade program or going to VSU Lyndon to not only study but also play baseball.