Baby Chickens in the Kindergarten


Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Gonyaw opens the chick’s cage and lets them out so the class can feed and pet them on Thursday, May 18th 2023.

Ricky Fennimore, Sports Editor

The Kindergarten class at BMU has recently added five new feathered members. The whole class came together and voted on names for each chick; those names turned out being Chubby, Nighttime, Lovey, Squeaky and Penguin. They have a variety of chicken breeds such as three Ayem Cemani, one Ameracuna and one Barnyard Mix. These chicks were hatched by the class in an incubator. The process of hatching the eggs took 21 days. Layla Smith explained “The incubator helped the chicks grow so they could hatch”. The whole class has taken a liking to all the chicks. When asked what their favorite part about them was, everyone exclaimed “We can pet them!”