Bucks Varsity Boys Soccer Preparing for Playoffs


Ricky Fennimore and James Kidder II

The Blue Mountain Boys Varsity soccer team is headed to the playoffs, and the three team captains are ready.  Senior mid John Dennis has a positive outlook on the season saying, “I would describe our team as fun, athletic, and optimistic. I’ve had fun so far this season and we’ve done very well on the competitive end.”  Ryan Edson, senior fullback, voiced, “We could be doing better but I’m having fun, and I just want to give it my all, even on my bad days.”  Goalkeeper Ethan Gilding stated, “I think we will do really well in the postseason.”

Gilding’s enthusiasm mirrors that of the 2007 team, when the Bucks were the #1 seed. The team captain of that team, Shane O’Donnell-Leach, has some advice for the boys, stating, “Our team’s work ethic was probably the big reason we finished first. We were well known for that, for coming into season prepared, organized, and motivated.”

This year, the Bucks started their season off by losing their first game at Twinfield with a close score of 3-2, but were able to turn the page and notch their first win of the season at Craftsbury with a hefty score of 9-2. They then carried on to win the next four games, bringing their record to 5-1. Since October 15 the boys have fallen into a three game lull, dropping them to the sixth seed.  The team has hopes of improving their record on Saturday, October 23rd at Danville, their final game before the post season begins.