New Fence for the Preschool Playground


Cooper Mardin, BNN reporter

The preschool playground fence has been replaced. There are several reasons for the new fence.  Elementary Principal Scott Blood stated,
“In order for our preschool students to use the playground, a fence must enclose that area.  Additionally, the fence must be at least 4 feet high.  Over the years, our fence started sinking in certain areas, which meant a 4 foot height was not obtained throughout the whole structure.  With the concern of this happening over time again, we chose to install a 6 foot fence, which also provides a greater protective barrier from wild animals.  Additionally, the gate for trucks to haul material on the playground was not located in an ideal location and the gate was sagging, which left an opening too wide for safe play and compliance.  The new location of the large gate follows pavement for trucks hauling material into the playground.  Additionally, new latches will be installed, which is a requirement for any new fences around preschool playgrounds. The latches that will be installed are automatic and provide an additional level of safety.”