Ms. Emily Bushway Loves Teaching First Grade

First graders get excited about learning


MaKayla McNerney and AnnaBell Blake

Ms. Emily Bushway is a first-grade teacher at Blue Mountain Union. Ms. Bushway has been teaching for three years. She feels that BMU is a good fit for her.  She loves her students and says that “they are amazing to work with.” “The best part about teaching at BMU is that I don’t have to teach alone,” says Ms. Bushway. She can bounce ideas off of the other first-grade teacher.

Ms. Bushway loves working with younger children because they get excited when they learn new things, especially when they start learning how to read. She enjoys the energy that the younger students give her. Ms. Bushway relates, “I love that the kids want to keep learning at a young age.” Even though sometimes the staff and students make her tired, she says that she wouldn’t change it for the world.

Ms. Bushway was originally from Bethlehem, NH. She reason she came to Vermont was because she knew the basketball coach, and he said nothing but good things about this school and community.