Senior Spotlight: Natalie Daigle


Maggie Emerson, Editor in Chief

Natalie Daigle is a senior at Blue Mountain this year. She has attended BMU since 9th grade after attending Waits River Valley School. Natalie has attended nine different schools in the past twelve years and is “happy to be finishing [her] academic career out at BMU.” During her time at Blue Mountain, Natalie has successfully competed on the Forensics team as well as the softball team. It was on these teams that she met some of her best friends. Natalie also participated in the Upward Bound program. In the fall, Natalie will be attending college on the pre-law track. She plans to continue on to law school, concentrating in family law. 

Natalie leaves behind a piece of advice for younger students here at BMU: “Appreciate your teachers. You never know what kind of impact they can have on your life. If it wasn’t for some of the amazing teachers at BMU, I would have had a much more difficult high school career.”