BMU’s Boston Adventure


Haley Wyman, Arts & Culture editor

BMU has taken music and art students on a trip to Boston for nearly twenty years. Mrs. Jean Shields, long time (now retired) music teacher for BMU, started taking her students on a musical trip to Boston, because when she went to Groton High school, one of her teachers took a group of students to the Science Museum in Boston. She loved it so much that she wanted to make sure the students in her department were able to have the same experience. In order to make this trip happen, she had to convince the administration of the benefits of traveling to Boston. Then the administration, along with the guidance department, made the trip possible. Originally 66 students and a few chaperones took a school bus to a college, the Mall of NH, the Museum of Fine Arts, a Broadway show, and one year they even made it to Plymouth Plantation. This year, 48 students and three chaperones fit on a Premier bus. This trip’s basic itinerary has remained the same over the years, and the seats are always full. 

Mrs. Jennifer Dube, the BMU art teacher, says, ” Mrs. Shields started the Boston trip many years ago.  I have had the pleasure of participating for the past 7 years.” Since Mrs. Shields retired,  Mrs. Dube has been in charge of getting the trip approved, obtaining the bus, finding funding, signing up the students, and planning the itinerary.  

VSAC (Vermont Student Assistance Corporation) helps the school pay for the trip in return for the students visiting a college on their way to Boston. This year the students visited Keene State College. After touring the college, the students were able to go to the Mall of NH for lunch and some shopping. From the mall, the students headed to Boston to explore the Museum of Fine Arts. After the museum, they went to Charles Playhouse to watch the Blue Man Group perform. 

Senior Haley Wyman explains her experience on this year’s trip: “This trip was amazing. I got to the school bright and early, and the bus was really nice. Keene State College is gorgeous and seems to have everything a student could want or need (including an all-you-can-eat cafe!).

The Mall of NH was fun. A couple of friends of mine and I had some lunch, where we made fun of the funny looking chicken fingers. We also got some needed shopping done. 

After the Mall was where the real action started, when we got to the Museum of Fine Arts. We explored every part we could, which wasn’t much, because this museum is way bigger than you would think. The best part of the Museum in my opinion is the old fashioned house set-ups. The old living and dining rooms with satin furniture. The sad part was looking down all the hallways we didn’t get to explore when we had to leave.

The grand finale of the day was seeing the Blue Man Group perform. The whole theater was lit up with blue lights, and there was a gumball machine sitting on the stage.

 From the second the show started to the second it ended was thrilling. I was quite literally on the edge of my seat the entire show! This trip was definitely something I’ll never forget, and I’m glad I took up the opportunity. If any other students are given the chance to go on a school trip to Boston you should GO!”