LC Design Concepts

Owen Murray, News Editor

Nestled along Main Street in Wells River is LC Design Concepts. Owner Lauren Nelson says that she began her design journey 21 years ago as an intern at a design show room. Soon she realized that she wanted to pursue design rather than her college major, forensic psychology. She then moved to Vermont 14 years ago where she continued working in interior design, ultimately opening LC Design Concepts 4 years ago. Nelson states that “It’s very rewarding to see people that have worked hard for their money and see it well spent and enjoy it.” Speaking with a recent customer Neil Emerson, Emerson says,  “Without LC Design Concepts, we would never would have achieved the same results in our recent kitchen remodel.  We didn’t even know what questions to ask but Lauren patiently guided us through the entire process.  She is terrific.”

For Nelson, the process often goes like this: during her first visit she already has some ideas of colors that would work with a certain kitchen. She says that bringing color samples with her to the second visit this helps narrow down a selection of colors. In addition, she always makes rough sketches with all of her measurements on them. This helps her to really bring the kitchen to life back at her studio and remove certain styles of cabinetry from her original selection, which streamlines the process of selecting cabinetry. Nelson says that her work has reached a lot of people and most of her business is local even though she had done jobs as far as Massachusetts, she is hoping that she can keep her work close by and, if possible, no farther than Bradford. LC Design Concepts can be found in person at 31 Main Street, Wells River, VT and her website can be found by clicking here.