Hoops, They Did it Again


(BNN Photo/O. Murray)

Keegan Tillotson passes the ball down the court on Wednesday February 15, 2023.

Karli Blood, Social Media Editor

WELLS RIVER – On Wednesday, February 15 the Blue Mountain Bucks Varsity Girls celebrated their seniors with a win over the Winooski Spartans 72-29. The first quarter ended with the Bucks enjoying a lead of ten at 19-9. Blue Mountain stepped up their defense in the second quarter only allowing the Spartans to score three points while Blue Mountain put up 22 points. Throughout the game, Winooski found themselves in foul trouble which resulted in one of their starters, Natayah Stewart, fouling out of the game. The second half was a similar story to the first. The Bucks continued playing strong defense and having a successful offense, finishing the half scoring 31 points and allowing only 17 points from the Spartans.

Stacie Truong with nine points and Sanii Stewart-McIver with seven points, lead their team as the top scorers for Winooski. Blue Mountain was led by Jordan Alley with seventeen points, along with the help of Felicity Sulham and Kyra Nelson who had eleven points each. Blue Mountain senior Lauren Joy states, “Going into the game against Winooski we knew they were not going to come play without a fight. We came out stronger than Winooski and played as the better team. Even though some left with some black and blues, we played throughout the whole game to receive the outcome we deserved.” The bucks finished off their regular season strong with a record of 17-3. The Spartans will face Richford on Saturday, February 18, as their last game before playoffs.


Blue Mountain 19-41-60-72

L. Joy 2 (0) 0-0 K. Nelson 5 (0) 1-3 11 J. Alley 8 (0) 1-3 17 F. Sulham 3 (0) 5-8 11 K. Blood 1 (2) 1-2 K. McKean 2 (0) 1-2 K. Tillotson 2 (2) 0-2 10 S. Boyce 2 (0) 1-2 5

Winooski 9-12-21-29

S. Truong 2 (1) 2-2 E. Freije 0 (2) 0-0 6 A. Parris 2 (0) 0-0 M. Htoo 0 (0) 3-4 S. Stewart-McIver 2 (1) 0-0 7