Ms. Emily Provine Joins Blue Mountain Science Department

New teacher brings a sense of wonder to the classroom


Lilly Hand and Oliver Despins

The new BMU middle school science teacher is Ms. Emily Provine.   She grew up in New Jersey and lived in Pennsylvania until she moved here. She is happy to be in Vermont. She said that, “I’ve never lived anywhere with mountains before, so it’s still surprising to me that the land isn’t flat all the way to the horizon.” At first she wanted to be a math teacher, but there weren’t any openings for the math department; however, she also really liked science so she decided to join the science department and become a science teacher. 

This is her first year teaching in a public school; however she has taught martial arts for many years. She related, “I have a few family members up here whom I currently live with. They are excited for my job and love to test out demos before I do them in class or share projects that they liked when they were students.” 

Ms. Provine brings new ideas and new enthusiasm to  the classroom. She enjoys teaching middle school students. She explained, “I think middle school kids are a lot of fun because it’s a stage where you still have that sense of wonder and discovering new things but also a sense of maturity to be able to tackle the material.” She continued that there is a lot of mental growth in that age group, and she really likes watching that growth happen.