Senior Spotlight: Mariana Esposito


Kody Smith, BNN Reporter

It all started when Mariana Esposito moved here from Newfound Regional High School a few years ago. BMU was very new to her, and so were the people within, but she fit in really well. Mariana has made some great friends and has fun in and out of school. She has learned quite a bit here and has kept her grades up, consistently achieving Honors and High Honors. Mariana’s goal when she graduates is to take aesthetician classes. She hopes to open her own spa some day for skin care, pedicures, makeup, etc.

Her advice for new students is to live a little, have fun, and keep your grades up. She says, ” Don’t eat lunch in the bathroom, eat lunch at the end of the hall . . . alone.” Mariana is known as being a very fun person to be around.  She always has a good mood and laughs at almost everything.